DaaS is...

Fast Setup. Gig Speed. Mobile. Secure.

What is DaaS?


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) securely delivers virtual apps and desktops over the cloud, to any device or location.

This desktop virtualization solution provisions secure SaaS and legacy applications, as well as full Windows-based virtual desktops, and delivers them to your workforce.

DaaS is typically priced on a monthly, per-seat basis, making it easy to scale up or down, on demand. This turn-key service is easy to manage, simplifying many of the IT admin tasks of desktop solutions.


DaaS explained
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DaaS Benefits

  • Fast Provisioning: Configure employee software, compute, security, storage, and redundancy in minutes, not hours or days. 
  • Automate Software Licensing: Select pre-licensed software and assign users to roles for even faster provisioning of new employees.
  • No Site Maintenance: Stop maintaining and cleaning server rooms and data centers. 
  • Increased Security & Backup: Lock down the desktop: enable employees to securely store and share files, and perform backups.
  • Consolidated Billing: Consolidate billing for software and services across the organization. 
  • Mobility: Employees can access virtual desktop from any device. 
  • Fast Speed: Speeds within DaaS can be between 700 to 1300 mbs. 
  • Reduced Hardware Costs: Stop purchasing servers; less expensive employeee hardware needed.