Cloud Phone System means more...

Integration. Features. Savings. Mobility.

What’s a Cloud Phone System?

A Cloud-based Phone System, aka Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP, is a solution where a carrier owns and manages all business telephony networking equipment and enables you to make calls over a broadband internet connection. It’s a more cost-effective, multi-functional, and flexible alternative to an analog phone line or an On-Premise PBX.

Cloud Phone System Benefits

  • Integrates with other communication services and apps to create a unified experience. See Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Advanced Features like hunt group, time-a-day routing, auto attendant, music on hold, click to call, selective call forwarding, on-phone corporate directory, mobile integration, and more
  • Cost Reduction, due to less equipment, installation and maintenance needed
  • LD & International Charges are greatly reduced
  • Less IT Staff needed because carrier handles implementation and hosting
  • Increased Mobility, allowing workers to access the phone system from any mobile device
  • Highly Scalable and easy to expand, allowing you to seamlessly add or reduce new phones and increase or decrease bandwidth requirements, when needed
  • Online Management Tool, allowing users to change features, options, and services dynamically through a simple interface

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